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Why You Need to Buy a New Exhaust Tip for Your BMW

BMW Exhaust Tip

BMW’s are incredibly versatile vehicles that can be upgraded and modified in numerous ways. From body kits and fender trims to engine covers and decal stickers there is something for virtually every part of your car!
But what about the exhaust? We know that you can install aftermarket exhausts that can improve the performance of your BMW, but what about the aesthetics and sound? A simple upgrade that is often overlooked is an exhaust tip.
As you will see below, exhaust tips are subtle and simple modifications that can add an extra layer of flash and style to your BMW. If this has piqued your interest, we discuss BMW exhaust tips below and why you should consider upgrading yours!


How Does an Exhaust Tip Work?

A BMW exhaust system is typically composed of a series of piping which is used to divert gasses from the engine and into the air. The exhaust system is the entire structure whereas the exhaust tip is just one section of the system.
Exhaust tips are the part that juts out from the bodywork of your vehicle at the rear. They are attached to the end of the exhaust system and are used to provide an aesthetic upgrade to the factory fitted unit as usually the actual tips are pretty plain.
An exhaust tip upgrade doesn’t change the performance of your car – for that, a different exhaust system is needed or something like an engine upgrade.
Exhaust tips come in many shapes and sizes including square and rounded openings and material finished like carbon fiber and stainless steel. Important parameters and measurements include the inlet and outlet size and the overall length of the exhaust tips.


The Benefits of a New BMW Exhaust Tip

Exhaust tips are pretty simple to understand as you can see but people often struggle to see the benefit. We get it – it’s a relatively small car part and you may not really understand why having one is a great idea.
If you are intrigued by the premise and are into your car upgrades, we have listed the main benefits of upgrading your exhaust with a BMW exhaust tip below.


Potential Sound Difference

A common question we get is do exhaust tips change the sound of your car? This is a tricky one as it depends on the type of exhaust tip. Many exhaust tips have no effect whatsoever on the sound of your car and they are purely for aesthetic reasons.
However, there are some exhaust tips that can alter the sound of your car depending on the size of the tip opening. Larger openings can produce a stronger and more powerful sound – that amazing rumbling roar that signals the approach of a powerful car.
In contrast, smaller openings on exhaust tips can reduce the sound of your car and no one wants that! Again, we must reiterate that it depends on the individual exhaust tip and not every model will affect the sound of your BMW.
Improved Aesthetics
The main reason is that an upgraded exhaust tip looks awesome. Oftentimes the exhaust for BMW cars can look a little plain. Sure, the positioning of the exhausts is normally spot on and when you have a dual or quad exhaust outlet it can look pretty intimidating.
But when you actually look at the tips that are visible out of the bodywork they usually look pretty underwhelming.
Upgrading your exhaust tips adds a certain subtle style and elegance to your vehicle. The change isn’t huge, but it adds much needed detail to the rear of your car. Tips like the Active Autowerke BMW F87 simply look gorgeous and really make your car look sportier.


Improved Longevity

A benefit that is often overlooked is that it can improve the longevity of your exhaust. Depending on the exhaust tip model it is either screwed into your exhaust system or slotted over or inside.
They are pretty easy to install but the point is, they can add an extra layer of protection over your original exhaust system. This can reduce wear and tear on the original and protect the part that sticks outside the BMW bodywork.


To Match Other Upgrades

Perhaps you have already invested in a range of BMW upgrades such as a body kit or new lights? Wouldn’t it be a shame for your exhaust to be the only thing that doesn’t match?
Simply put, exhaust tips can be bought as part of a larger upgrade to ensure that the same style and aesthetics are continued throughout the vehicle. Oftentimes you can get multiple components from the same range or set so everything from your door trims and exhaust tips can match perfectly.


A Simple Upgrade That Doesn’t Change Performance

Lastly, a BMW exhaust tip is one of the simplest upgrades to install so it’s a superb starting point if you want to make changes to your car yourself, but are still learning.
As mentioned above, you usually either slot the exhaust tip in or screw it into the existing system. This is a simple process and doesn’t take much time or effort. An exhaust tip doesn’t affect your car’s performance either so it doesn’t require much forethought or planning!


Upgrade Your BMW Today and Give Your Exhaust an Overhaul

As you can see, a BMW exhaust tip is a fantastic starting point if you don’t want to make any huge changes to your car. Maybe you just want to add a little style and individualism to start without going overboard. An exhaust tip can do this – it’s subtle and doesn’t alter the performance of your BMW.
Some models can also make a difference to the sound of your BMW and give it more roar and depth if you want to impress and enjoy your driving experience more. Regardless, we have a great selection of BMW exhaust tips available so why not check them out and see if one catches your eye?

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